Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bilingual Tour Guiding

Hello Everyone! These last weeks have been exciting for the bilingual group and I would like to share with you what has been happening.

Two Sundays ago the group met to walk to the Fuente del Avellano here in Granada. Beatriz Pérez Ruiz is leading the effort to create a bilingual guide of the route that the students will then be able to give to those interested. It was perfect weather, as the students took notes for the guide they are writing of the route. Since then, the students have begun to write the guide in Spanish and will later translate it to English together in class. We are hoping to publish it as well.

Last week the bilingual group was able to participate in the Vocational/ Trades Fair. We were giving out information, talking to interested students and parents as well as playing some games related to travel and tourist destinations. We continue to advertise as the pre- sign in date comes closer. Please remember:
The pre-sign in to enroll for next year will be from June 1st-25th!


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