Friday, January 29, 2010

Successful First Run of San Jeronimo Monastery Guide

Last Monday the bilingual group had their first experience as guides, at the San Jeronimo Monastery here in Granada. The route was written by the students under the direction of teachers Beatriz Pérez Ruiz, María Jesus Becerra and language assistant Emily Campbell.

The day started off with a visit to the Woman's Cultural Center Mariana Pineda. There, we were shown an educational video on the life of Mariana Pineda and given time to explore the exhibit. After our time there we split into three groups and began the guide! The students did a nice job delivering the route which started in front of the Cathedral and led to and then through the San Jeronimo Monastery. All the students delivered it in English. Throughout the guided tour, Beatriz went around to each group filming the students delivering their portions.

Content with our first run, this week in class we reviewed the video. We found many things which can be improved upon, such as English pronunciation and intonation as well as the body language and the personal style each student brings as a guide. Through the video, the students were able to see their own weaknesses and strengths and learn from one another’s. This was an excellent and educational start and we look forward to seeing the students grow in confidence and skill as the year goes on.

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