Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bilingual Halloween Party

The bilingual students had a very SPIRITED Halloween party last Friday. They brought in a lot of great decorations and turned room AG1 into what would have been a great start to a haunted house, complete with spider webs, ghosts, pumpkins, and Jack-o-Lanterns. After all of the decorations were up one of the students, Maika, gave the class an excellent presentation, in English, about the autonomous region of Cantabria. We learned about some of the mythology that surrounds the region, as well as what natural attractions the region has, among other things. After the presentation, the students took a short break to get into their costumes, which mostly consisted of some very impressive and detailed Zombie make-up. We then played an intense game of Halloween Taboo in which The Skeletons edged The Monsters by a mere 1/2 point, despite the protests of The Monsters.

With Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video and a presentation about the craziness of Halloween marketing mixed into the day, I think the Halloween party could be considered a success. Next year, we're hoping to make the celebration much bigger!

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