Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hello and welcome!

Hello to all and welcome to another year at H & M!  I mean...Hurtado de Mendoza ;) As most of you know, my name is Emily and I am the Bilingual English Assistant for this academic year.  I'm very happy to be here and I want to thank you all for being so welcoming and friendly.  I'm looking forward to working with each and every one of you, although unfortunately I am only here on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  This is because I am working at Francisco Ayala on Mondays and Tuesdays.

A little bit about me: I'm 23 years old and from West Des Moines, Iowa (about 6 hours west of Chicago).  I studied Spanish for four years in Iowa City at the University of Iowa and in May 2011 I graduated with a degree in Spanish and a desire to live in Spain.  Thus, I applied for the Language Assistant program in Andalucia and last year I got placed to work in Uleila del Campo, Almería.  Uleila is a small town of 1,000 people, north of Tabernas in the desert mountains.  I lived in Almería capital, in El Zapillo and commuted every day.  It was a good experience but I am happy to be back in Granada!  I studied abroad in Granada three years ago in the fall of 2009 and studied Spanish at the Center for Modern Languages.  I loved every minute of it and took full advantage of my short three month stay.

I am here to help you along your journey of learning English and to share as much knowledge with you as possible, so ask ask ask! Until the next post,


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