Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome 2011-2012

Hello to All! The 2011-2012 Bilingual School Year is upon on us and charging full steam ahead. This will be the first year with both a 1st and 2nd year group of students and the bilingual team is very excited to be working with so many students. All of them have shown a genuine interest in improving their level of English and many have already made great strides in their advancement of the language. We're looking forward to having an exciting year full of excursions, celebrations and, of course, English!

Getting their make-up on
In fact, the students have already gone on a few excursions (which will be written about in the upcoming days) and we recently had a great Halloween celebration for the second year in a row. The students turned the Multi-Use Room into the perfect setting for a Halloween party by putting up some excellent decorations and added some personal flair with some outstanding costumes. There were sightings of, among others, an authentic Freddy Kreuger, some very creative garbage bag Jack-O-Lanterns, an intimidating Werewolf, a few witches and the usual assortment of zombies. This is the second year I've been very impressed with the zeal the students have shown in celebrating this holiday that seems to be gaining more and more popularity here in Spain.

Lorena & José: Marketing Presenters
The actual celebration was filled with a variety of different activities. We started the party with a marketing presentation about the economics of Halloween in America. The presentation was given in English by two second-year students, Lorena and José, and was very informative and interesting. Following this presentation, we were entertained by a few scary Halloween short stories. These were delivered by Jesús from the first-year group and Víctor from second-year. Both presenters played the role of storyteller to a T and all were very entertained. The day concluded with a repeat of last year's Taboo game, but this time bigger and better. We had four teams, instead of the two we had last year, and held a mini-tournament. After all the clues were given and all the Halloween terms guessed, Los Pestazos, a team of first- and second-year students, was the last one standing as the now-reigning bilingual Taboo champions.

Víctor and Carmen



This year's bilingual group
Overall, it was another very successful Halloween celebration put on by the students of the Bilingual Tour Guide Program. We had a number of other groups of students stop by the party throughout the day to watch the various presentations and it was a great way to kick of the Halloween weekend...oh yeah, and of course we had a showing of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video. Next up, our first annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

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