Monday, December 12, 2011

Turkey Day

The lovely ladies from 1st year

Fran putting his "Thanks Feather" on the turkey
As many may know, and for those that do not, Thursday, November 24th was Thanksgiving Day in the United States. After Christmas, it may be the biggest holiday of the year. The day is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and it is an extended weekend for many people as the following Friday is also part of the holiday. Thanksgiving is a time of year when, as the name would suggest, people get together and give their thanks and appreciation for the things in their lives. It is also a time of year when people travel from all corners of the country to see family, some that they have not seen for a very long time. This year in Hurtado de Mendoza we had our own Thanksgiving celebration. We saw two brief presentations about the origins of the day and also read an interesting article about the "other side" of the day and learned a bit about what the holiday means to the Indigenous people of America. In addition, the two groups combined to make two "Thanks Turkeys" and shared with each other the things that they are thankful for in their lives.
Waldorf Salad
The celebration was topped off with an authentic Thanksgiving meal prepared by members of the school's superb culinary program. We started with an outstanding Waldorf salad with freshly-sliced apples and a delicious creamy dressing. After the salad we were presented with dishes full of all the traditional Thanksgiving favorites. We enjoyed two types of mashed potatoes (regular and sweet), stuffing with a Spanish twist, sweet cranberry sauce, a very rich gravy and, of course, turkey. The turkey was cooked to perfection, not too dry with loads of flavor, and all of the food was amazing. The meal was ended with a plate of pies that included pumpkin, pecan, lemon, and chocolate. By the time everyone had finished eating, the looks of fullness and content that are so familiar on this day in houses throughout the United States could be seen on everyone.
Carving the turkey
On a personal note, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite American customs and it is always a bit difficult to be so far away from friends and family during the holidays, however thanks to the hard work of Antonio, Teresa, and the kitchen staff of Hurtado de Mendoza, it felt a little more like home this year. Thank you!

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