Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trip to Memoria de Andalucía

Recently, our 1st year group repeated a very interesting trip that our 2nd year group made last year and walked around the block to visit the Memoria de Andalucía. There were two motives for making this visit this year. The first was to show the students the museum and all it has to offer. The group had a great time exploring the four rooms that comprise the museum. They used the interactive audiovisual displays and other hands-on elements of each space to learn about the rich cultural and social history of Andalucía. The four rooms show the development of the region from prehistoric times to present day society. 
Giselle controlling the video
Jorge checking things out
The second motive was to help prepare the students for a Studies Visit that will be made by various education representatives from countries  throughout Europe. On March 21st, representatives from countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain will be visiting different schools in Granada to observe and learn more about the vocational programs that are offered in the province. Our bilingual program has been selected as one of these examples and a student-guided visit of the museum will be part of the presentation. 10 students will be assigned to the four rooms of the museum and their task will be to show and teach the international visitors about each room. The tour will be given entirely in English and we are all very excited to welcome this group to Hurtado de Mendoza and show them our bilingual program.

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