Tuesday, April 17, 2012

El Cerro de La Encina

On Wednesday last week, the bilingual group made an excursion to the nearby village of Monachil to visit the archeological zone El Cerro de La Encina. Moncachil is a very lovely village located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Once we arrived, we ate breakfast in a nearby cafe and met our tour guide for the day, Sergio. We were then led on a 2-hour hike through the hills of the village. Sergio explained to the students many different aspects of the natural environment. They learned many things about the plant life of the area and the prehistoric ruins that are scattered throughout the area. We also went to some spectacular look-out points with wonderful views of Monachil and the surrounding Granada area. The weather was beautiful and we ended the hike with our packed lunches in one of the aforementioned look-outs.

Tasting almonds...They weren't too sour were they, Paulina?

One of the many hills climbed

Enjoying lunch
Next up for the students: A two-day trip to Cádiz to visit the ancient Roman town of Baelo Claudia.

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