Monday, June 4, 2012

Adios  Amigo!

Walt Disney was quoted as saying: "It's not the days in life we remember, rather the moments."  These words become strong when it comes to say goodbye to someone who has given his very best to our bilingual program in the last two years.
We have had David Whiteside as our school language assistant since October 2010. Anyone who follows this blog is aware that I do not usually write much on it, but this time I deeply believe that it is my responsibility and my duty to pay tribute to someone who has contributed so extensively and so positively to our program. Over this period, moments with David in the program have been intensively fruitful for all the students. Ana, Marta, Francisco, Ramón, Jesús, Mónica, Alba, Tomás, Lucía, Laura, Vanesa, Hilaria, are some of the eighty students who have fortunately benefited from David´s superb job. David has had a high commitment to our students and to the bilingual teachers from the very beginning. Furthermore, he has always done his job with smile on his face and a proactive attitude towards the students. Even in the hardest moments, he has never frowned or thrown in his towel. He has always encouraged everyone with his Californian style.

We are just little cogs in a big machine, and the bilingual program will go on without David. September will provide us with new students and a new bilingual assistant, but David´s heritage will remain vivid in our school.
I cannot remember the first day we met. I cannot recall if it was at school, or if it was somewhere else in Granada. Oblivion starts to be  much of an annoying issue for me. However, David's footprint in our school and in our hearts will last for long. Adios amigo!.

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