Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween! Boo!

This year's Halloween party was a spooky good time at Hurtado de Mendoza.  The students went above and beyond with their costumes from witches, monsters and zombies to a lady who killed her husband and does an amazing dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies."  In the United States Halloween has shifted towards a more Carnaval like atmosphere with people dressing up funny and creatively instead of frightening.  It was refreshing to see scary costumes and I loved the enthusiasm.
When I walked into the multi-purpose room the atmosphere was alive with spooky sounds, lots of Halloween decorations and a massive buffet of food with the monsters all crowded around and gobbling it down.  Earlier they had had a presentation of the history of Halloween and then we proceeded to watch the Halloween episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I talked a little bit about what Halloween means to me and we concluded the party with a parade throughout the school to show-off our costumes and give the others a good scare!  Overall Halloween at Hurtado de Mendoza was a big success thanks to the guidance of Antonio and Pilar and the great participation by the students.  

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