Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Strike Day

Today, November 14th 2012 was the second general strike during Rajoy's presidency.  All over Spain protesters filled the streets, and here in Granada they went from Gran Via and down Recogidas expressing their discontentment, especially in regards to education.  Hence why today many students chose not to attend at Hurtado de Mendoza, and I suppose some teachers didn't attend either.  In the U.S.A, strikes of this magnitude don't happen and I was quite shocked as I found myself in the middle of the protests as I was walking in the center in the center around 6 pm.  While all of this craziness goes on outside the walls of Hurtado de Mendoza, inside the first year students have been working on presenting their projects on different Andalusian provinces. (In English of course).  First, they talked about infrastructure, tourist companies, and tourist destinations and then focused solely on the Gastronomy. I pretended to be a very picky tourist in need of some very specific food items, such as vegetarian restaurants, a family restaurant, etc. The students were very sharp and had an answer for everything!  With the second years we have been reading many articles that deal with marketing and debating the ideas we come up with.  This past week's articles dealt with Marriott and it's courtyard concept.  Both the presentations and articles have been great ways to perfect the student's English, as Antonio and I corrected their pronunciation and grammatical mistakes afterwards.  I'm looking forward to more debates and to see the other presentations.  Until next time,


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